In addition to the many other modalities and styles of therapy I use to help individuals and couples I have special and unique qualifications/expertise around helping to resolve all sorts of traumas. Trauma therapy helps individuals release and transform accumulated stress (trauma). The work results in improved well-being, greater self-reliance, self-regulation, resilience and self-confidence. It is also a therapeutic aid in reducing or eliminating chronic pain.

The process helps regulate the physiology of the Autonomic Nervous System as well as the somatosensory and sensorimotor neural pathways.

My training and experience has given me an advanced understanding of and clinical skills in neurophysiology for the successful resolution of trauma. I had the privilege and opportunity to be taught and work with, for the past several years, Steven Hoskinson, one of the cutting edge leaders in somatic and trauma therapies. Always a student of the art and science of healing from trauma I continue to study with Steve and his Organic Intelligence program.

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